Seydikemer is one of the most recent districts of Muğla. It has become a district by

the law numbered 6360 that entered into force aftermath of 30 March 2014 Local Elections.

Seydikemer district is named after Kemer Bridge. Seydikemer is a district where

draws attention to the value of historical and touristic as well as its natural beauties and

wealthies, has some important places in terms of tourism such as ; Erendağ ski center,

Tlos , Pınara, Letonya ancient cities, Girmeler thermal spring , Saklıkent canyon, Kumluova,

Karadere coast beaches. The district economy that is woodland with two-thirds or covered

with maquis, is mostly based on agriculture and livestock as well as tourism.

Agricultural areas are dry farming area and irrigated agriculture. Agriculture in Seydikemer

has a large share of county economy. Approximately 60% of the district’s population is

engaged in agriculture. Seydikemer takes place in the first rank in the fresh fruit and vegetable

production of Turkey. Seki and Girdey tablelands, Eşen stream and Akdağ offer to their

visitors different alternatives in the hot summer days.

Ancient cities

Dodurga Sidyma

By turning from Seydikemer Dodurga district way and going around

7 km, Ancient Sidyma city takes place in the area of currently Dodurga

district. There is no information about when the city has established

. However, it is understood from the ruins of the city that it

flourished during the Roman and Byzantine periods. Despite the

fact that the remains of several cisterns and building in the city’s

acropolis, a marble inscribed tomb between

the northern foot of the acropolis and ruins in the valley, a temple, a

bath, and a theatre ruins draw attention. Among the

village fields , two heroons from many sarcophaguses, are among the

artifacts that can be seen .


The village is named after within the spa in its boundaries. Even the old name of the village is Gebeler.(pregnants) because

the spa that are good for non-pregnant women. In addition, the

water of the hot spring helps to rheumatic diseases that makes the

human life unbearable. It has also been understood that it

helps skin diseases on the basis of the analyzes and experiences of

people who benefit from the water. The water renews

itself consistently hence it remains fresh and clean.

 Letoon Ancient City

Letoon, is one of the most important cities of the Lycian

Union. According to historical sources it was found by Zeus for Leto who got pregnant after Zeus. According to the traces

found in excavations in Letoon ancient city, the traces of settlement

in this city go back to 7th century B.C. According to the information

obtained in research, Letoon ancient city had an important place for

politics and religion. There are three contiguous temples in the center

of the archeological site near Letoon ancient city. The southernmost of those temples

is dedicated to Apollon, the middle one to Artemis, the northernmost

 to Leto . There is a fountain in the southwest and a church in

 the eastern part of this three temples. Inside the Ancient city,

there is a big amphitheater which rests its rear on the slope of

a hill . According to the known history, Letoon ancient city was

abandoned in the 7th century A.D .Letoon is also a part of Lycian

way and walking route from Fethiye to Antalya.


In the national park boundary, there is Saklıkent

Canyon which has fairly steep valley slopes and 1000-1100

m. height. Karaçay that is a part of Eşen stream generates that

canyon. The tablelands in high altitudes of the national park are unique values that nature offers not only in socio-cultural way of life but also with existing the natural beauties.

The park area is a rare natural wonder in the world.

A steep and deep canyon of 18 km length and of 200

meters height formed because of the fault cracks in

the calcareous land. The narrowest place of it is reduced down to 2 meters.


Tlos ancient city is located between Yakaköy

and Döğer villages, and can be reached by following Eşen stream and heading towards

south. Tlos city had founded in name of Tlos from Xantos, Pınara,

Krafos and Tlos brothers and became one of six important cities

of Lycia.


Pınara is 45 km far from the county center and nearby Minare village. It presents the most beautiful type of Lycian graves which imprinted

in the form of ‘pigeonhole’ to the mountainsides. It is famous for its heart shapely temple where beauty contests of antiquity held

and dedicated to Aphrodite. Pınara is a must-see place with its theatre, Odeon and many rock tombs.


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