Marmaris is a seaport located to the South-west coast of Turkey where Aegean and Meditteranean seas meet. The province is hosting hundreds of thousands tourists with its natural beauties, long costal band, awesome shore upon the hills surrounded by pine trees, untouched bays, unique beaches, yacht marines and all kind of activities.

Besides, Marmaris is an important place for yacht tourism and blue

voyage. Marmaris yacht marine, which I

s one of the biggest marines in Turkey

has an important value for yacht tourism. Moreover there are shuttle

ferryboats to Rhodes. There are plenty of endemic sweet gum trees in the

border of district.


History of Marmaris leans back to 2000

B.C. In the excavation of Nimara cave in Bedir Island

verifies that. The plentifulness of Aegan and

Mediterranean shores always render the region

appealing. The city is the most important bridge

to Rhodes and Aegean islands. Thereby, in time

the city become a place where many civilization

ruled. It is possible to see the ruins of Ottoman

,Egypt, Ayssria, Ion, Persion, Macedon, Syria,

Rome, Byzantine, Seljuq civilization.

Physkos was the first name of the city. The ruins of Physkos can

be seen in Asartepe. According to local belief, Suleyman the magnificent

didn’t deem the castle suitable and said “Mimar as !” (Means “hang the architect”)

In time this statement transformed to “Marmaris”.

Ancient Cities


Fiskos was the first Carian seaport and the center of the other settlements. The mane means “City of Nature” in Caria language since it contains all the elements and the beauties of the nature. There are strong evidences point that the history of Physkos leans back to 3400 BC. Remains

of this important port town of the Archaic

Caria region can be seen from Asartepe, north of

Marmaris City center. Some of the City walls in

Acropolis still survive today.


The theatre, temple and some statue pedestals of the ancient settlement

is located on a hill in the northwest of Kumlubük Bay, close to

Turunç. Walls surrounded the city. The theatre is still in good

condition. It is possible to distinguish the seats, sidewalls and three

rooms of the stage house.

Loryma (Bozukkale)

Loryma was founded in Bozuk Bay, which is located on the southwest

edge of the Bozburun Peninsula. The most impressive remain among the ruins spread over a wide area in Burunbaşı is a well-preserved castle. The Bozukkale port is an important destination point for daily boat tours.

Kedrai (Sedir Adası)

Sedir Island in the Gökova Bay is well known for the ancient

city of Kedrai and the famous Cleopatra Beach.

Kedrai was a Carian city until it was adhered to Rhodes. Kedrai

means”cedars”(cedar tree).

Kedrai, being the most important settlement area of Karşıyaka of

Rhodes was surrounded by city walls could be seen from the shore,

today only the foundations of the Apollo Temple in Doric style remain,

which is located in the middle of the city. At the eastern end of

the city there are some remains of buildings; Agora and the theatre

are in good condition.

Hydas (Selimiye)

Established in the Selimiye Bay (Kamışlı Bay) located to

the North of the Bozburun Peninsula. There are remains

of the city walls and a square tomb in the city. On the shore, there is an observation tower and a few tombs on the tower located 3 kms away from Hydas.

Erine (Hisarönü)

When turn to south towards Bozburun on the 20th km of the

Marmaris-Datça road Hisarönü village can be reached via a 2km asphalt

road. A 3km forest road allows access to ruins from the Roman Age.

Castabus (Pazarlık)

The archaic ruins and holy place close to Hisarlık Village

can be reached by an hour climb from the Hisarönü plain. The temple

is situated on a platform. The Ionian style temple of the 4th century BC

also has Doric elements. Temple foundation may be seen on the

platform. Dazzling walls supporting the platform survived and may be seen. Together

with the temple, the ruins of the theatre located in the south,

is the only recognizable building in the area.

Thyssanos ( Söğüt)

There are remains of the Thyssanos settlement on a small

hill behind the school, 1 km southwest of the Village Söğüt. Only some pieces of walls, traces of foundations and walls remains can be seen since no excavation work has been done so far.

Phoenix (Taşlıca)

The remains of Phoenix, a Carian City, are on and around

Asar Hill 4km ourside Taşlıca. First tombs come up in the path possibly

belonging to the archaic period, between the village and the

archaic settlement. Somewhere in the middle between Taşlıca and

Asar Hill is the city of Agora. While climbing up the hill remains of a building

and later the necropolis (cemetery) can be seen. The acropolis of

the city is on Asar Hill. Rather than the remains, the views from the

hill are more impressive.


The Orhaniye Village today is established on the slope of

the hill where some of the city remains of city wall can be found. The

remains can be seen in a wide area of the forest. City necropolis, city

walls and astern can be seen around Altınsivrisi Hills.

Amnistos (Karacasöğüt)

There is another city near Karacasöğüt. Remains of the ancient

Amnistos town are in a promontory close to Söğüt. Some old

port walls near the shore are still present today.

Bays and Beaches

Çamlık Pier

Marmaris-Muğla road has a left intersection on the 12th km and after 6km the road reaches the coast of Gökova gulf and finally reaches Çamlık pier(Gelibolu pier)

As is evident from its name there are many pine trees (Çamlık means pinetum in Turkish) there. It is the stopping place for the Sedir Adası ships. On the pier zone, there is a

snack bar, tea garden and restaurant in the woods.

Boncuk Bay

Boncuk is one of the most favorite bays of the district.

The water of the bay is clean and relaxing. There is a stopover on the beach where

oil palms planted orderly. The zone between the

Bocuk and Karaburun bay is the only known reproduction area in Mediterranean Sea to observe sandbar sharks that are approximately 2meters long. For observation and recording diving tours are organized during May and June.

Sedir Adası-Kedrai

Sedir Adası is well known with its ancient Kedrai city and famous Cleopatra beach.

There are regular direct services from Akyaka and Çamlık piers almost in every hour of the day. Ships leave with full of passengers. The beach with gold colored sands and shallow sea is suitable especially for families with children.

Kedrai means “Sedirler” (Cedars-Cedar Tree) Cedar wood is an enduring

tree for making keel but its existence is not known in the island.

Karacasöğüt Waterfalls, Caves and

Ancient settlements

To visit Karacasöğüt Waterfall and Karacain Cave, you

should take the right turn after 2-3 kilometers on the way from Karacasöğüt

to Okluk Cove. The water falls down from 25-meter-height,

under of which three is a natural pool.


Kumlubük is renown with its beautiful beach and fish restaurants. There is an also highway from Turunç to Kumlubük, where you can find the best seafood.


It is claimed that Bayır Village was established on ancient city of Syrna and there was a dedicated temple of Asclepius, god of health, which is located around where the mosque is now. There are not any ruins left from those days to these. The Acropolis of the Syrna is on the Yancağız Hill on the 2km northeast of the village that can be reached via ancient pathway by approximately half an hour climbing. You will see ruins of settlements, tombs and parts of the city walls in Acropolis. The ancient stones of Bayır cemetery are probably dating back to Syrna.


Turgut attracts attention of tourists by silk and wool carpets

and seafood in restaurants, still it is possible to find traditional local food of the village. Peanuts are one of the major products the

villagers of Turgut alongside of tourism, apiculture, fishing, raising livestock and agriculture.

In one of the coves within the Turgut village borders, remains of the archaic period deserve attention. Remains can be seen on a garden

wall at the seashore and further inside, on the Temenos wall which

is thought to be surrounding the holy Ygeia area. Those remains are

believed to belong to the ancient city of Hygassos

On the road to the waterfall from the village center, about 1km on

the right slope, there is an ancient construction that not easily noticed. A

short time ago archaeologist determined that this was the mausoleum

of a warrior named Diagoras, circa BC 3-4th century.

Orhaniye and Kızkumu

The sea is always very still in Orhaniye. The shades of the

pine forest around falls on the sea and paints the sea to a color, unique to this place. As a result of sand dune movements a high stripe of

sand is formed. This strip, about 600m long is called Kızkumu. There

is also legend “The girl who wanted to meet her lover filled her skirt

with sand, and walked filling the sea with the sand in her skirt. But

ran out of sand and drowned at the end this path.


Selimiye is one of the haunts of blue cruises between

Bodrum and Marmaris. There are small but good restaurants

gathered around the pier, providing service to boats and those that come from around.


Hisarönü village is at the furthest point of the bay

which is named Hisarönü Bay. The sea is shallow here and the

sand has a terracotta color. Hisarönü is another good choise for

those who want to have a relaxing vacation far from the crowds

of Marmaris. Since the weather is always windy with low humidity and the water is clear Hisarönü said to be good for those who suffer from asthma and heart diseases. 

Bördübet Bay

Bördübet Bay is one of the most beautiful and untouched

caves around. There is only one camping area and a boutique hotel. These facilities are operated by people who are

highly sensitive to the environment. The camp area also caters

to yachters. They are ready to help seamen in trouble. Their radio

code “Amazon” channel 16. Those stopping by for the day

can also enjoy the food served.

Çubucak and İnbükü Forest Camps

With their clean air, relatively cool and glittering seas,

these coves are nice places for those driving to Datça to stop by.


Bencik Pier is one of the most preferred coves of

Hisarönü Gulf by yachts and is the narrowest point of Datça peninsula. The Pier is located between Gökova Gulf and Hisarönü Gulf. The locals named it “Balıkaşıran”(fish stealer) because of its narrowness. The entrance of Bördübet Cove from Bencik pier is just  a 20 minute away on foot.

Günnücek, Fake Strait and Cennet


There is a brook in that area with little water left in the

summer, between the sweetgum(günlük) trees where a special

oil called sweetgum oil used in perfumery is obtained from.

A long natural formation that resembles a strait when viewed

from Marmaris is called the “Yalancı Boğaz/Fake Strait”. This set

of bays is being used as a yacht port and slipway operations today.

Cennet Island, which is known as an island but is, in fact, a peninsula,

stretches out across Marmaris. The peninsula is one the

haunts of day boats.


Netsel Marina

When you enter the Big Marmaris Bay, the pier and marina are at

the far north end. Netsel Marina is under a green slope to the east of town.

It has a 750 yachts capacity. Land service is provided by two mobile cranes

(120 and 20 tons) and a wide slipway area. All kinds of maintenance, paint,

engine, electricity and electronic works are carried out by the marina or by

the other agencies and workshops in Marmaris. There is a large shopping mall

within the marina. Shops selling yachting materials, grocery store, clothing

shops, chandleries and good quality restaurant and bars serve the yachts.

Municipality Quay

The beach of the peninsula where Marmaris Castle rests at the top

of the hill is surrounded by the quay. All the schooners and some Turkish and

foreign yachts drop anchor along this quay. The quay is just near a 3 to 4 meters deep sea and its promenade is very crowded especially in the cool of the night runs

around the quay. There are many bars and restaurants around.

Albatros Marina

Albatros marina is located at the East of the cove, on the road to Yalancı Boğaz after passing Günlük Park. It is small marina with 60 boats capacity where generally the yachts belonging to the “charter”

companies drop anchor during the summer season. With its 20 ton

mobile crane the marine provides the slipway facility for 240 yachts

for the winter season. It has a restaurant, a bar and a small grocery


Akdeniz Martı Marina

 In the marina that locates in Orhaniye Bay provides slipway facility for 100 yachts, and mooring for 300 yachts. It has a Hotel, restaurant,

bar, grocery store, swimming pool, maintenance and repair services.

Karacasöğüt Martı Marina

Karacasöğüt Martı Marina is in the Karacasöğüt Bay. It has

25 yachts capacity. Electric, water, shower-toilet, market and restaurant services are available.

Yacht Fests and Races

International Marmaris Yacht Festival is organized regularly at the Marmaris Municipal Yacht Marina at the beginning of May. International

Marmaris Yacht Racing Week of Marmaris begins at the beginning of November. International Marmaris Yacht Festival is one of the few yacht festivals that has been holding continuously for 21 years. Festival venue has been established on the mole of Marmaris Municipal Yacht Marina where yachts can moor easily. The Festival is the sign of season’s start for the yachts. The roadshow organized in the end of the festival is open to all the agencies wish to participate.

Marmaris Yacht Races

The results of the day are evaluated and

announced every night and a prize ceremony is organized.

The elaborately prepared food drinks and live

music makes these nights unforgettable and the races

end with the closing night where the best receive their


Diving Spots

Marmaris is one of the primary regions for Turkey’s diving

tourism and there are 52 diving spots around the Marmaris

coastline that may be visited daily.


Marmaris is famous for its honey, Pine honey is the most widely produced honey in the region. In addition, flower honey and carob honey are also produced and sold. 70% of the honey production of Turkey belongs to Muğla of which more than half is produced in Marmaris.



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