Köyceğiz, the intersection point of Mediterranean and Aegean

regions, is on the 60th kilometer of Muğla-Fethiye highway. It

is a peaceful and touristic district with its natural beauties and citrus


According to legends, Köyceğiz was settled on the plain by

the lake but it was floated by the water at an unknown date. Those

who witnessed this disaster, said ‘ All cities have been sunk; it has

only left a tiny village on the shore.’ Sunken city in the lake is still to

be rumored.


According to the historian Herodotus, the geographer

Strabo and the poet Homer, the first settlement in Köyceğiz started

by Carians and Leleges in 3000 BC. The remains of the ancient

town, towers, aqueducts, agricultural terraces and a large number

of rock tombs found belonging to this era prove it.

The city of Kaunos, situated in the edge of Köyceğiz Lake,

was one of the most important harbors and trade centers. Later,

the city of Kaunos was taken under the reign of Alexander the Great.

During Roman rule, the ancient city was badly devastated by forest fires and erosions that caused change with natural conditions. The city the gradually got covered with rocks and marsh. This caused the city to be abandoned. At the Byzantine

era, the city reached its old richness.

Menteşeoğulları Principality conquered the area on behalf

of Seljuq Sultan Masud II in 1291. During the period of Ottoman

Hursit Pasha, Köyceğiz was moved to Yüksek Kum, to its current


Lake Köyceğiz

At the western edge of Mediterranean Region, it is a sulfurous

and bitter lake within the borders of the district. It is altitude

of 8 meters above sea level and its depth changes between 15-150

meters. Almost all the year it is peaceful, therefore it is convenient

for various kinds of water sports in 8 months of the year. 8 mile length

Dalyan channel (Ancient Dalbis River) joins the sea at İztuzu

Beach, which is a world famous coast with its 5.5 km-long and 50-200m width beach and

Caretta-Caretta turtles near Dalyan.

There is a small island in the lake, which is called ‘Hapishane

Adası’ (Prison Island) by the locals. In the history, it was used

for military purposes and later as a prison. The remains of the castle

left behind the Genoeses, could be seen on the island. The island is

also called ‘Aşık Adası’ (Lover Island). Rumour has it that, two lovers

came to this island because their families did not allow them to

marry. Although they were free of the pressure on them, they could

not escape from the destiny. They died of snakebite just over there.

Sultaniye Thermal Spring

It is located to the

South-east of Lake Köyceğiz

and east of Olemez Mountain in

Sultaniye Village. The history of

the spring dates back to thousands of years ago. It is known that it

was used by the people of Caunos in 100 BC. During the Byzantien

era, it was enlarged and accommodation facilities were built. These

facilities stayed under water of Lake Köyceğiz. It was converted to a

hospital during Roman period, at the entry of which ‘No death came

in the name of the goddness’ was written. Olemez Mountain (Immortal

Mountain) take its name from this statement.

Sultaniye thermal spring and mud baths help treat rheumatism,

kidney and urinary tract disorders, metabolism disorders, mental fatigue, skin

diseases and gynaecological diseases. The water contains calcium

chloride, calcium sulphate, calcium sulphide and radon. The water

temperature is 39 degrees and it is the world’s second biggest radioactive

thermal spring after the one in Indonesia. Because of its high

radioactive degree, it has got the property of rehabilitation. You can

get to Sultaniye Thermal Spring by taking a boat or using highway

from Köyceğiz.

Toparlar Waterfall

Toparlar waterfall is 8 km away from Köyceğiz and is for

the trekking and nature lovers even in the hottest parts of the season.

You can reach here after 15 minutes trekking, there is a stopping

place to take a rest and make yourself cool.

Sweetgums and Citrus Tree Gardens

Sweet Gums trees take form in only a few forests in two places in

the world. One of them is in Koycegiz region. The oil extracted from this tree

provides for using in many sectors such as medicine and cosmetics. Moreover,

the best citrus trees of Turkey are in Koycegiz.

Köyceğiz Camping

The international camping area is 50 square kilometers organized

for 5 thousand campers. The camping area among the sweetgums

and eucalyptus trees for caravans and for several scout

groups is 10 mins walking distance from the city center.

Köyceğiz Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is located in Sultaniye Village and

hosts over 180 local and migratory bird species. Lovers of nature

from England and other European countries come to see this bird

sanctuary every year.


Ekincik Bay located on the Mediterranean coast of Köyceğiz, is a convenient place for surfing, water-skiing and swimming with its

long coastline and yacht marinas. Through a very nice 30 km asphalt way, you can reach Ekincik from Köyceğiz with very beautiful scenes.


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