Dalaman became a municipality by coming together with Dalaman and Atakent neighborhoods

of Köyceğiz in 1983. There are no information about history of Dalaman, because not enough excavation

or surface research haven’t been done so far. Due to its location in Caria and

Lycia zones, it is considered that history of the district leans

very old times. It is believed that ancient city of Euhippe

was in the north of Caria zone, near the Alacatlı village that is located right beside Dalaman.

The Only Train Station in the

World That No Train Stops

The last khedive of Egypt namely the governor of

Ottoman, Abbas Hilmi Pasha wanted to build a mansion in

his land in Dalaman and a train station in Alexandria, which

was projected by French, in the beginning of the 20th

century. But the ships confused the destinations they got,

they build a great mansion in İskenderun and train station

in Dalaman. Moreover workers didn’t realize the mistake

and they build ticket office and rails in front of the mansion. When Khedive

arrived Dalaman, he realized the mistake.

He had ticket office and rails demolished. As a result,

Dalaman had the only train station in the world that no

train stops.

“The Farm” known as “Çiftlik” backed by TİGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises)

operates as Dalaman Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises since 1984.

Dalaman Bays and Beaches

Dalaman is a natural paradise that offers a perfect combination of

blue and green. Göcek bays are an example most magnificent natural

beauties of Dalaman. Kurşunlu, Akbük, Gobun, Boynuzbökü and

Sarsala bays are also the miracles that the nature presents to Dalaman.

There are ruins of ancient city of Lidai and Lisai cities

which belong to Caria and Lycia era in the south of Dalaman at the

shore of Kapıdağ peninsula. Many rock tombs and other ancient city

ruins, lean back to Lycia and Caria era can be seen in Kayadibi, Çöymen,

Kavacık, Gürleyik, Bozbel towns. Şerefler town, which is 8km

far from the district center, is supposed to be in the list of ruin.

Kalynda ancient city of Carian civilization is on the road of Dalaman-Fethiye.

Hippokome settlements would attract the fan of

history. The carving tombs are another historical place to see on the

Mountain of Limestone.

Dalaman River

In the ancient times the name of the river

was Indus. Recently, it is in the popular rafting

zones. Dalaman River has two different difficulty

levels and the 3rd difficulty level can be passed with

rafting boats.

Kapıdağ Peninsula

Kapıdağ Peninsula is known as the second biggest peninsula in Western Mediterranean

area following Teke peninsula. The zone is between the Hurmalı and Sarsala bays.

Rich historical ruins may be seen in the interior sides where the hills are getting

stubborn and higher.

Günlüklü Bay

Günlüklü bay is one of the most famous bays of Dalaman, also a popular tourist destination. The Bay is

one of the most living bays of the zone because of a large number of

the beaches and facilities. Günlüklü Bay that is located in the middle of a deep green nature has a little more fun compared to other beaches in Dalaman.

Sarsala Bay

It is the exact peaceful place to have fun in deep blue sea

and stay in a bay surrounding by pine trees to peaceful escapade.

Sarsala Bay remained untouched except for some boutique facilities.

The Bay promises joy that combined with sea, sand and sun within

the nature.

Dalaman Airport

Dalaman airport is 6km far from the district center and has

given international service since 1981. Airport is generally being

used for the native and international tourists who come for using

the touristic facilities around Muğla and Turkish citizens work abroad. The way (runway and taxi way)

of Dalaman airport is being used mutual with airport base command.


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