We Are Always With the Citizens

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department evaluated the past year by holding a meeting.

Hacı Koç, Head of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department stated that 2016 was a fruitful year in terms of services. In 2017, they would continue to render service increasingly. Mr. Koç expressed; “We have been rendering people oriented service in line with the directions of Dr. Osman Gürün, Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. We thought that we spent a fruitful service year. We have been enlarging the service area by adding new ones. We will be keeping on rendering service devotedly. Our citizens will show Muğla Metropolitan Municipality on their sides.”

The staff of Health and Social Services Department participated in the meeting held at Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Cultural Center. The units presented a report about the last year. Besides, the units mutually exchanged opinions about this year’s plans during the meeting. 

According to the information expressed by Health and Social Services Department, the teams have visited 9.578 homes so far. 65.638 medical interventions were performed and 14.883 general care service were rendered. Finally, 7.625 patient transfer services were also rendered.

Yayınlama Tarihi: 9.1.2017 0