Residents of Kayaköy Look Forward To Finalize a Project

In line with the citizens’ demand, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has started an enlargement work on a road locating on Kayaköy-Karakeçiler neighborhoods within Fethiye.

As soon as the necessary legal permissions will be taken from related public institutions, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality will start to the road enlargement work on Kayaköy-Karakeçiler road within Fethiye district.

Metin Ekiz, Muhtar of Kayaköy Neighborhood expressed; “Road is too old. And, there are not any security equipment such as steel barriers and road signs. I lost my nephew in 2006 owing to a traffic accident. As muhtars of Karakeçiler and Kayaköy neighborhoods, we made a request to build or renew the roads from Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. And, metropolitan municipality has started the progress of our request by interweaving with related public institutions."  

Mr. Ekiz expressed; “When the renewal works finalized, the road will be more comfortable and safer for foreign and domestic visitors.”

Eren Gökçe, Muhtar of Karakeçiler Neighborhood expressed; “This is the fourth time period of my duty. I have focused on this road problem for 18 years. Our road is unsafe and too old. People from all over the world come here every year therefore this road is very significant. We have passed difficult times over the years, as the residents of the neighborhood, we demand to build this road.”

Cumhur Çetin, A resident from Kayaköy neighborhood stated that the road was unsafe and too old. I lost my relatives owing traffic accidents.

“We afraid to go and return to Fethiye”       

Ali Yalçınkaya, A Business Owner; “The main need of our neighborhood is a modern and safe road. I do not offer my consumers to use this road because it is too old, dark and narrow. The most important problem of neighborhood is it. We afraid to go and return to Fethiye.”

Mr. Yalçınkaya continued; “If the road will be enlarge and safe, Kayaköy will be more active for commercial and social activities. Kayaköy has everything such as tourism, history, coasts and fresh air so on. The closest neighborhood is 5 or 6 km away to Fethiye. We have waited many years long. And, now the works have been started. I wish that the construction vehicles and machines arrive there quickly, and the road will be built before the starting of the new season.”




Yayınlama Tarihi: 11.1.2017