Agricultural Producers Reach Closed Irrigation System

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department finalized closed irrigation system project in 14 rural neighborhoods and the new projects have been started for new neighborhoods.

As a result of investigations and evaluations, the new irrigation system projects have been started in line with the citizens and muhtars’ demand.

14.000 meters square irrigation pipe have been installed

The teams have installed totally 14.000 m. long irrigation pipes in various locations such as 2004 m. in Çatak neighborhood of Kavaklıdere, 2600 m. in Menteşe neighborhood, and 1002 m. in Kuzluk neighborhood of Menteşe, 1200 m. in Balcılar neighborhood of Köyceğiz, 504 m. in Pınar neighborhood, 704 m. in Seydiler neighborhood of Seydikemer, 1002 m. Seki neighborhood, 204 m. in Boğalar neighborhood, 504 m. Bayır neighborhood, 804 m. Dere neighborhood, 304 m. in Yaka neighborhood, 120 m. in Ören neighborhood, 1500 m. Deştin neighborhood of Yatağan, 1000 m. in Zeytinköy neighborhood, 300 in Çıtlık neighborhood of Ula.

Within the framework, the new projects will be applied in Kavacık, Bozbel and Çöğmen neigborhhod of Dalaman, Sarıyer neighborhood of Seydikemer, Karaçam, Otmanlar, Çayhisar neighborhoods of Köyceğiz, Mesken, Bozarmut and Yeşilköy neighborhoods of Yatağan.

Salih Tufan, Head of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department expressed; “We have been working at full-speed in 26 neighborhoods all over the province to apply closed irrigation systems. Thanks to the project, our agricultural producers will find an opportunity to produce various agricultural goods.”

“We have been rendering service to increase revenue of our agricultural producers.”

Dr. Osman Gürün, Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality expressed; “We are contuning our works and projects such as Agricultural Soil, Plant, Irrigation Water and Leaf Analysis Laboratory, Local Seed Center and seed distributions. We have realized lots of agricultural projects. We aim to increase our agricultural producers’ revenue. We will be keeping on rendering people oriented service and supporting them in all areas.”

Yayınlama Tarihi: 11.1.2017